Cold Weather And Your Heating


Many of you called us with frozen pipes, so we want to help prevent this from happening so you don’t end up without hot water or heating.  

Have a look at your boiler and then check the exterior of the property where the boiler is situated. If you have external pipework, particularly lengthy then you are possibly more at risk of freezing pipes  (take a look at the attached pictures). By insulating these pipes you will reduce the likelihood of this happening. If you think your boiler has external condensate pipes then send us a picture and we can advise you further.  


We would also advise you to keep the heating on a low setting if you are planning on going away for more than a day or two. This will prevent pipes bursting in your absence which could result in costly damage to the property.  

General advice is to keep heating on a low setting rather than turning it up high and then turning it off again. This is more energy efficient and will not put as much pressure on your boiler.  

If you are unsure then please contact us (if in a Managed property)  or your Landlord for advice on your property.  

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